Six delicious cheeses to tempt every palate...............

CASHABLANCA - a tiny white mould-ripened cashew nut cheese.  This is ready after about four weeks maturing in the ripening cellar. It is soft and mild with a distinctive brie-like taste and texture.

MOODY  BLUES - if you like a creamy blue cheese, this is the one for you.  Being slightly more mature, it has a stronger flavour - beautiful with stone fruit and ripe pears.  It's name says a lot.  It is often difficult to coax a natural blue mould into the dense nut curd; and sometimes the blue streaking is absent.  Very moody - but still a winner.

MOULIN  ROUGE  - an irresistible little mound of cheese that has been drenched with port wine while in the ripening cellar.  Serve with salty crackers or potato chips.

CHARLATAN - the Grandaddy !!  Trying very hard to be an aged parmesan.  If they haven't been already sold, these are best eaten at over three months old, when the bloomy rind has imparted a rich savoury flavour into the cheese.  This is a must for any cheeseboard.  Delicious with olives and pickles.

SNOW  WHITE - soft, tangy and delicious, this little round of fresh, unripened cashew nut cheese can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes - just like a vegetarian cream cheese.  It is perfect for a cheesecake dessert, or on a cheeseboard with fresh basil and tomatoes.

SCARBOROUGH  FAIR  - just like the classic song says, this little fresh cheese is flavoured with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme; plus a few cloves of fresh garlic.  Imagine a French Boursin gone nuts !!  This cheese is very addictive.

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